Digital Kitchen created this tasty TV spot for Ehrmann yogurt's North American debut.

In my role as Technical Director I developed a method for easily retopologizing Zbrush sculpts of the expansive yogurt surfaces & simulating the impact of objects in the yogurt using Genome for 3ds Max. As the compositor I pulled together the many render passes to blend into the final look, working in Eyeon Fusion. Prior to compositing I helped shoot our live action reference photography session, using real ingredients shipped to us from Ehrmann. After the whole piece was finished I edited together the CG breakdown that follows the commercial.


Creative Director - Chad Ashley
Producer - Julie Benevides
Storyboards - Jeremy Rumas 

CG Production
Look Development - Chad Ashley
Previz & Layout - Todd Kumpf
Yogurt Sculpt - Justin Reed
Yogurt Impact Simulation - Tim Little
Cherry Model & Texture - Justin Reed
Chocolate Model & Texture - Todd Kumpf
Shading - Chad Ashley
Lighting - Justin Reed

Life Action Reference Shoot
Cinematographer - Chad Ashley
Key Grip - Justin Reed
Camera - Tim Little
Lights Provided By - Kevin Walsh

CG Post Production
Compositing - Tim Little
Case Study - Tim Little