Collection of CG shots created for the live action edit

Porsche reached out to CarbonVFX for CG help with an anthem film celebrating 'Sports Car Together Day' and 70 years of Porsche history. The live action shoot called for an exceedingly rare model 356 Gmund from 1948, one of Porsche's first production cars and a star resident of the official Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Due to logistical realities the real car was unavailable for filming so Carbon stepped in to provide a CG recreation that would intercut seamlessly with footage of other porsche cars across the company's 70 history. I served as VFX Supervisor on set and handled the CG/Compositing in post.

Agency - Cramer Krassult

Client - Porsche


Derek Goldsmith
Beth Skopp

Tim Little

Tim Little

Jeff Altman